Heat Pumps

Heating water can contribute to a large percentage of your home’s energy usage, and is the single highest factor of your electricity bill, using more energy than all of your other domestic appliances combined.

 Solar Rental Company offers quality guaranteed Heat Pumps through our Solar and Energy Efficiency company, Cool or Cosy. Our heat pumps are a different way to use renewable energy to heat water – that doesn’t have to include solar panels.

Heat pumps can save you a good deal on your hot water bills, as they use the same principle as a fridge or air conditioner but in reverse by extracting heat from air and transferring it into water. This means that the heat pump can reduce energy usage by up to 65%, compared to a traditional electric storage hot water system. Plus there’s generous rebates available making them an extremely cost-effective option.

We supply and install quality heat pumps with NO HIDDEN SURPRISES.
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Benefits of a heat pump:

    Extremely efficient heat pump – reduces energy use by up to 65%;

    Massive savings in hot water related expenses over the long term;

    It’s an environmentally friendly hot water option;

    No roof space needed;

Ease of installation as a heat pump uses the same connections as an electric hot water system;

    Units are integrated with the tank and compressor in one unit.

Our heat pumps are well suited to the South Australian market as they operate from -7°C to over 40°C. That means you’ll always have hot water, even if it’s below freezing outside.

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