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Do you want to reduce your heating and cooling related costs and greenhouse gas emissions?

Solar Rental Company offers quality guaranteed Insulation through our Solar and Energy Efficiency company, Cool or Cosy.

For more than 35 years, Cool or Cosy has been providing South Australian businesses and homes with affordable, high quality ceiling insulation and acoustic insulation products. Our unique performance guarantee ensures that your insulation will be installed with NO GAPS, and in accordance with all relevant Australian installation standards.

Our SUPACELL insulation is manufactured in South Australia according to strict guidelines, ensuring our product adheres to the Australian Standard, providing our clients with the highest quality possible and the guarantee of knowing that their insulation really works.

Reasons Why

Cool or Cosy Performance Guaranteed insulation is installed without gaps:

We Supply and Install Quality Cellulose Insulation.
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How do you know if your ceiling insulation is working?

You don’t… and it could be affecting your personal comfort and costing you money every day.

Cool or Cosy is well established throughout Australia and Asia and is by far the largest manufacturer and supplier of Cellulose Insulation in Australia, with over 45 000 clients in South Australia alone. We can undertake any type of insulation work from a small domestic extension to large commercial projects with our range of thermal and acoustic insulation products. Want to see how we make SUPACELL Insulation? Click here to see how.

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