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Australian Made solar products that can be benchmarked against any other in the world

Not sure who to trust for solar? The Solar Rental team will ensure you have the best Australian Made solar system for your home, maximising your potential energy generation and the money you could be saving.

Solar Rental Company is a proud supplier of Australian Made Tindo Solar panels

Tindo designs and manufactures technologically advanced and premium quality solar photovoltaic (PV) modules which are specifically tailored to suit the harsh Australian environment. Through focusing on automation and the use of advanced robotics, Tindo is able to produce a quality product at affordable prices.

At Solar Rental Company and Tindo Solar, we are committed to providing an Australian product that can be benchmarked against any panel in the world. We have taken extensive steps in our manufacturing process and quality control to ensure the quality and reliability of our panels.

Be Confident You Are Buying One of the
Best Solar Panels on the Market Today

Quality guaranteed with a 25 year warranty – one of the only solar modules in the world that has such a long product and performance warranty.

Tindo Solar panels are tested in Australia at the Desert Knowledge Testing Centre located in Alice Springs which is a solar power technology demonstration facility. Our panels are tested in the Australian climate so you can trust that they are extremely durable and are perfectly designed to last in the Aussie weather.

Choice Magazine rated Tindo Solar ‘Best overall’ solar panel in 2018. Choice magazine partnered with CSIRO and determined that Tindo Solar panels performed the overall best in their testing fields.

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